On incendiary new single “Honey Bun,” Toronto rapper Haviah Mighty lays it all out from the jump.

“Thought you was the one, you just another one/Thought I wasn’t nothing, but I’m number one/I’m like Lauryn Hill, I’m just a younger on,” she raps over the pugnacious beat from Grammy-nominated Bizness Boi and Derelle Rideout, and never really lets go over the course of the track.

It’s a breakup track, but it’s also about the 2019 Polaris Music Prize winner breaking away from her past mistakes.

“I pivoted hard to self-validation, recognizing my co-dependency on this person only after being left behind,” she said in a statement. “I began to rely heavily on having multiple beautiful partners,  money, designer clothes, drugs and any other way to escape the hurt. ‘Honey Bun’ is a toxic part of my journey, but mixed with the internal conflict of knowing better deep down.

Haviah Mighty followed up her Polaris-winning 13th Floor with Stock Exchange in 2021. Earlier this year, she also launched Black Entrepreneur Giveaway, an initiative supporting Black-owned businesses.