Gucci Mane admitted one regret from his infamous Verzuz with Jeezy.

The music battle took place in late 2020, more than 15 years after the Southern rappers began their nasty feud. Of course, viewers expected the broadcast to get somewhat heated, but were shocked when Gucci decided to play “The Truth”—a scathing diss track that seemingly referenced Jeezy’s late associates, Henry “Pookie Loc” Lee Clark III.

“Put that n***a ass in the dirt. Smoking on Pookie Loc tonight. Send some more, I’ma send ’em back the same way … In a box.”

Gucci addressed the incident during Sunday’s Rap Radar Live panel at the 2022 Revolt Summit. Guwop told hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller that he regretted his comments, and never intended to bring that kind of energy to the battle. 

“I didn’t know when I got on the stage, that was gonna happen. [That] I was gonna say that,” he explained. “I ain’t like, ‘I’m bringing negative energy.’ It just really came out … I mean what I say, I say what I mean. So my thing was, if I was bad enough to say it in the studio, I’m bad enough to say it in your face.”

He continued: “I don’t even like to perform that song. When I left, I was like, ‘Damn. I wish I wouldn’t have said what I said.’”

Though some criticized the Pookie comments as way too callous and insensitive, Jeezy appeared to take the higher road and encouraged Gucci to squash the beef.

“I’ll tell you what. See when I even called you and extended this invite, my n***a, I did it as a real man,” he began. “It’s been 20 motherfucking years—” he said, before Gucci interjected with “15!”

“… Let me say my piece … I extended my hand because I’m a real man,” Jeezy continued. “The shit we came from in the street, dawg, you see that we been through it … And when I said I wanted to do this shit for the culture, that’s what I wanted to do. I brought you here to show you the world care about what the fuck we got going on ‘cause we are the culture. You feel me? Me and you, where we came from, what we been through, n***a, us.

Gucci said he believed the moment was genuine, “because after I did what I did, and he came back and said what he said, I felt what he was saying.”

Gucci was visiting a woman’s home in May 2005 when he was allegedly attacked by four men. Police say the incident evolved into gunfire, and resulted in Pookie’s death. Though Gucci claimed he opened fire in self-defense, he was ultimately charged in the man’s murder. The charge was dismissed about a year due to insufficient evidence.