Eminem Appears on GRIP's New Album 'I Died For This?!'

Atlanta's GRIP has shared his first album under Eminem's Shady Records label, with features from Em, Royce da 5'9", Wara, Dead Cassettes, and more.

Eminem and Grip

Image via Publicist

Eminem and Grip

GRIP has shared his new album, I Died For This?!, which includes a new collaboration with Eminem, “Walkthrough!” and is his debut project under Shady Records.

“Yeah, my head, something’s wrong with it/But that makes me me, I’m different/That lyrical fiend, I’m misfit/Since I was a bleach blonde who hear the beat hung/This bitch makes me only think of demonic shit,” Em raps, making reference to his legendary blonde buzzcut, his Shady Records label, his lyrical prowess, and more.

Additional features include Royce da 5’9”, Wiley from Atlanta, Wara, Dead Cassettes, among others. GRIP signed to Shady in early July, with Eminem and the label sharing the news.

“Going into the next shit and finally having that anticipation and that love, that hate, all of that shit, it fuels you,” the Atlanta rapper toldPigeons & Planes when asked if his label deal will change how he makes music. “You’d rather have that than to have nothing, you know what I’m saying? Without that, you start second-guessing yourself, like, ‘Damn, am I as dope as I thought I was?’”

He continued, “So the fact that I’m getting that now, and I’m just now getting it, that lights a fire. That shit is going to take me to that next level because I’m just now getting started.”

Stream I Died For This?! below.



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