G Herbo is hungry. It’s been a long Tuesday—he just finished filming an episode of Complex Brackets, had an hour-long conversation with me after an interview with another outlet, and now he’s shooting an episode of Sneaker Shopping, all during one of those rainy days where most people would rather just chill in the house. 

In between takes of Sneaker Shopping, he tells someone on set, “[My stomach’s] growling.” And moments later, he talks dinner plans with his team and inquires about Jamaican food. But first, it’s time for the next shot. 

On set, Herbo has had to re-record aspects of his conversation and maintain the vibrance of the first take, but if his hunger has him on the verge of a Snickers moment, he isn’t showing it. He’s gracious throughout the process and keeps spirits high by joking around with a steadily growing group of people he’s invited to Soho’s Stadium Goods. 

His determination to do what’s necessary to advance his rap career is keeping him chipper through the tedium of media obligations. After all, as he repeatedly reminds me throughout our conversation, it could be a lot worse for him. 

“My brother [Gregory Jackson a.k.a. Lil Greg] passed away seven days before his 25th birthday,” he says. “That’s one of the reasons why [the number] 25 is so important to me. My brother died on January 28. His birthday was February 4.”

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