Freddie Gibbs left some hip-hop fans scratching their heads as he took to Twitter to praise Jeezy, whose tensions with Gibbs date back to Freddie’s departure from the Snowman’s CTE record label in 2012.

“Jeezy like 2Pac to me,” Gibbs wrote.

Considering he didn’t provide any further explanation, some were confused by the comparison. One Twitter user said more info was necessary, writing, “I need more context folks. Cause ’Pac a goat and Jeezy is not. So I assume you mean he dead to you.” 

Gibbs replied, “Na goofy. Snow a Goat.” In response to another person who appeared befuddled by Gibbs’ take, the Gary, Indiana rapper reiterated his stance by saying “it’s a real debate.”

Freddie’s comments arrive just two months after Rick Ross revealed that he advised Gibbs, 39, to end his long-standing feud with Jeezy, 44. 

“I’m not sure that it’s happened yet,” Ross told Elliott Wilson and B. Dot. “But most definitely, that was a conversation I had with Freddie Gibbs, because once again, you gotta appreciate when a brother reach out to you and believe in your gift, brother.”

“That’s what it’s about,” Rozay continued. “As a boss, a CEO, you’re not obligated to owe nobody to sign nobody. Homie seen your vision, he believed in you. That’s what it came down to, that’s what I live by, and that was some of the advice I gave homie.”

Ross went on to reveal Gibbs said he “slept on it and he called me back a few days later and said, ‘Rozay let’s make it happen.’” He added, “And I told him, let’s not rush into it, let’s not put a date on it. … I had a conversation with Jeezy, and I left it with him.”

Based on Gibbs’ recent tweets, it appears he and Jeezy may have finally moved on.