Fenix Flexin Arrives With Debut Mixtape 'Fenix Flexin Vol.1' f/ Drakeo the Ruler, Rob Vicious, and More

Shoreline Mafia's Fenix Flexin unleashes his debut mixtape, 'Fenix Flexin Vol.1,' featuring appearances from Drakeo the Ruler, Rob Vicious, and others.

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Shoreline Mafia co-founder Fenix Flexin has finally unleashed his debut mixtape, Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, with guest appearances by Drakeo the Ruler, Cypress Moreno, and more.


Weaving together the electric sounds he’s already helped create with Shoreline Mafia and using them for his own craft, Fenix Flexin abducts his listeners and drops us into his world off the opening track, “Intro.” The song is anchored by an ominous sci-fi-sounding beat produced by Fbeat, and it acts as a prelude for the rest of the tape.

From there, Drakeo the Ruler joins Flexin on “Respectfully,” clowning those who frequent social media more than they get actual business done. While Fenix Flexin lives up to his name by boasting about many of the luxuries in his life on Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, he also opens up about some of the scars the streets have left him with. Songs like “Pain” and “RIP MAC P” that close the tape attest to this, with Flexin reflecting on the people he’s lost.

Along with the mixtape, Fenix Flexin also dropped a music video for his track “What's the Move.” The visuals mirror the energy of the song, with Flexin doing what he does best, flexing.

When speaking on the popularity of the Mafia, Flexin said that he hopes that he can use that success to his advantage for his solo career. 

“The group had a bunch of respect, a huge following, and a whole lot of people behind us,” he said. “Now, I’m claiming all of those things for myself as an individual, and I’m off to a good start.”

Listen to Fenix Flexin’s debut mixtape Fenix Flexin Vol. 1 and watch the music video for his track “What’s the Moves” up top.

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