Wendy Williams is no stranger to airing out dirty laundry. Yet fans were taken by surprise by some of the things she shared in her biopic. This prompted hip-hop legend Eric B. to clear his name of some of the claims made against him. 

Williams' biopic revealed her relationship with the iconic DJ for the first time. Not only did she disclose that she was pregnant by him, Williams also claimed Eric B. didn't have a car at the time of their relationship. This supposedly led to her renting cars for him in her name, which allegedly ruined her credit. 

Eric B. must've seen the movie or caught wind of the chaos it created because he went to Instagram on Sunday to playfully dispute these claims. He posted a vintage picture of him standing in front of a Rolls-Royce, insinuating he had money before Wendy came into his life. On the picture, there's text reading, "Damn, I need a rental."

"To hilarious I laughed to well it made for great Tv," Eric B. captioned the post. "But the truth is something different Try that!!!!!!!"