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Ruff Ryders co-founders Joaquin “Waah” Dean and Darin “Dee” Dean were the last to speak during the service. Waah emphasized that the “original Ruff Ryders family” were on stage with him: First Lady, Eve, The Lox, Drag-on, and Tip, the man who discovered DMX. 

“All the Simmons, all the kids, we want y’all to know from the Ruff Ryder family that we love you and we’re here for you no matter what,” Waah said. “We never walked away from Earl, we never will. Ride or die. That’s what we do. This family is ride or die.” Dee said some quick words, confirming that a new DMX album is coming soon: “DMX, the great!”

Drag-on, who was DMX’s right-hand man during Ruff Ryders’ peak years, fought back tears as he spoke about his former mentor. “Straight bottom line, I don’t exist without this man,” he said. “I’m trying my best not to cry right now but I’m not shit without this dude. He taught me everything I know… DMX vouched for me.”

The Lox talked about losing an important piece of the Ruff Ryders crew.

“Y-O, y’all know. This is a big hit for us,” Jadakiss said. “The world know the dog, but we know a different dog. When he comes to the town, he’s much different than what they see on TV. It hurts anytime you lose a soldier, but this one hurts different because he was the main piece on the board.” 

“He invented giving people 60, 80, 100 bars at a time,” Styles P added. “Back to back, no problem. No matter where it was. He invented our way of life.”

Swizz took the stage for some final words about why DMX deserved more love when he was alive. “I just wish all these people showed up for him when he was here,” he explained. “You got thousands of people claiming who they are and tickets and things like that. This man needed everybody. He didn’t need everybody when he’s not here, he needed everybody when he was here. We have to learn to celebrate each other while we’re here.”

Swizz then used the moment to educate everyone on taking care of their family and making a will. “The things that I’m witnessing from my brother’s passing, it was a big educational thing for me to learn,” he told those in attendance. “I’m glad I got to see it at this age. A lot of people ain’t your friends, a lot of people ain’t your family.”

“You have to do your will,” he added. “You do not want strangers, bloodsuckers, handling your business when you’re not here. You want the ones that you love, handling your business. This is not a fashion show. This is not a performance. This is real life, day to day. I love everybody that really had love for my brother because when you see me, you see him.”