DJ Khaled was escorted off the court by a security guard and told to return to his courtside seat during Game 1 between the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks Sunday. 

TMZ Sports shared the hilarious moment when Khaled walked onto the court during a break in the action, grabbed a ball, stood at the top of the key, and took a shot that caught nothing but air.

Khaled probably felt inspired by Miami’s dominant offensive showing in their 115-91 victory over the Hawks last night in which the team shot 52.4 percent from the field and 47.4 percent from beyond the arc. However, if history has shown us anything, the shot from deep isn’t in his bag. 

Back in February, Khaled took on the Skills Challenge obstacle course only to literally fall short on his jumper. After asking for the ball back, he took a few steps in and nailed the shot. Khaled finessed his miss into a teaching moment, explaining why you can’t give up or get discouraged when you initially fail. 

We’re sure Khaled could have caught nothing but net, if he was given another opportunity.