DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, and 21 Savage flip the sport of golfing on its head in the video for their latest single, “Let it Go.”

For the video that released on Monday, Khaled, Bieber, and 21 turn Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore into a hip-hop celebration of wealth and prosperity.

Since the song mostly featured The Biebs, he serves as the video’s main character, portraying Sandler’s role in the film. Khaled, on the other hand, uses his over-the-top personality to play a version of Chubbs Peterson. After spotting Bieber’s knack for golfing, Khaled decides to put his money behind the singer to take on 21 Savage who is this video’s Shooter McGavin. 

Along with wrestling an alligator and making other Happy Gilmore references, this video has no shortage of branding/product placement. Khaled seems to play up this notion by explaining that Bieber is out here playing for “the money” and making it clear that nothing will stop them from getting to the bread. 

“Let it Go” is the latest single off DJ Khaled’s new album, Khaled Khaled. Along with 21 and Justin Bieber, the album also features Nas, Jay-Z, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, and more.

Watch the video for DJ Khaled’s “Let it Go” featuring 21 Savage and Justin Bieber above.