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Resident Advisor has teamed up with Asahi Super Dry to take viewers on a virtual trip 360-degree trip through Tokyo with spatial audio.

The new experience is a digital art gallery of sorts, starting on the streets before wrapping things up in a futuristic nightclub. Soundtracked by original music from the likes of DJ Nobu, Honey Dijon, and Kerri Chandler, the experience benefits greatly from spatial audio, which allows listeners to get a surround sound experience on any pair of headphones.

Running for 45 minutes, the 360-degree video is streaming on YouTube in a loop as of Friday. Created to celebrate Tokyo and its thriving arts and culture, viewers can also interact with the experience Club QU-powered experience through the official website.

"Nightlife in Japan is one of the most incredible I have ever seen and had the privilege to be a part of. From Shibuya to the outskirts of Okinawa, Japan is alive with excitement, creativity, dance crews, and music lovers," said Chandler on the project. "Quality is very important in Japan and it shows in everything. It’s intertwined with tradition and showcasing emerging technology as well. Some of the best custom DJ setups and Sound Systems in the world are in Japan. I am very honored to be a part of the Asahi Super Dry / Resident Advisor: Discover Tokyo project. I hope that you enjoy it.”

Watch the experience above.