Cousin Stizz continues to put Boston on his back with his latest single, “Say Dat.”

Cousin Stizz released “Say Dat” on Friday. He accompanied the single with a music video that features Stizz and his friends mobbing through Bean Town—including the Boston Public Library. 

“Trying to rip this shit apart but it’s not a lego/When I stop, she make it drop, I don’t got to say more,” Stizz raps. “She congratulate me because I move just like the mayor/Chopper on my younging, he’s a smooth operator/My mood shock a hater, I glove though, Gary Payton. … You forgot it, I can’t live without it.”

This is Cousin Stizz’s first release since 2019’s Trying To Find My Next Thrill. In the interim, Stizz linked with Jonah Lennox on “Phases” and with  Jazz Cartier on “Nothin 2 Me.”

“Say Dat” also marks Stizz’s return to the indie circuit after being in the major label system since 2015. This song is meant to show all the lessons Stizz learned while being signed and how he’s ready to take his career to the next level now that it’s back in his own hands. 

Watch the video for Cousin Stizz’s new single, “Say Dat,” above and stream the song below.