Olivia Rodrigo has earned respect for tipping her hat to the music she was brought up on—from Paramore to Taylor Swift—but one rockstar claims that the “Good 4 U” singer stole “an original idea” from her. 

Courtney Love, lead singer of Hole, is claiming that her band’s 1994 album cover for Live Through This was jacked by Olivia, whose promotional photos for her Sour Prom Concert Film appear to resemble to the artwork. Both images show a prom queen with mascara running down her face, as Love posted Olivia’s to Instagram with the caption “Spot the difference! #twinning! @oliviarodrigo,” alongside a couple positive emojis.

“love u and live through this sooooo much,” Olvia commented, to which Love commented that she looks forward to reading a note from Olivia alongside flowers.

The flowers are in reference to previous comments Love made on Facebook, which weren’t all that positive, as Love accused Rodrigo of “stealing an original idea and not asking permission.”

“It’s on GEFFEN [the label],” Love wrote. “I’ve informed her I await her flowers snd note . I sure hope it’s long . Does Disney teach kids reading and writing ? God knows. Let’s see . Yes this is rude. Rage inducing ? Honey if I had a dollar for everyone this happens ? I’d be real rich !”

Love also wrote that Rodrigo—whose debut album Sour is back on top of the Billboard 200—and her alleged decision to take inspiration from Love’s image was “bad form.”

“That’s not bullying or bomb throwing,” she wrote. “This persons music has nothing to do with my life . Possibly never will . It was rude And I gave every right to stick up for my work . Don’t gatekeep me ! I’m honorable as fuck to my fellow artists , and I expect the same .”