Cardi B is tired of being talked about in Washington D.C.

The latest such instance came on Wednesday, when Republican Representative Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin said people have been calling him to complain about Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of “WAP” at The Grammys. 

So when a journalist asked for anyone who may have “called, tweeted or otherwise contacted your local congressman,” about Cardi to come forward, well she had just about had enough. 

She followed that up with another tweet pointing out that there are a lot more serious things at hand than whatever she might be up to. “This gets me so mad ya don’t even know!” she wrote. “I think we all been on the edge this week since we seen police brutality back to back including watching one of the biggest case in history go down DUE to police brutality but wait ! This is wat state representative decide to talk about.”

After alluding to this week’s Derek Chauvin verdict, she took direct aim at politicians, and specifically Grothman, for not giving Jacob Blake the justice he deserves. “Mind you Nikkas can’t give a word about Jacoib Blake or give him proper Justice but this part of the reason why,” she continued. “They giving seats to FUCKIN IDIOTS!!This is why people gotta vote, elect better people cause you got these dum asses representing states .”