Cardi B has been accused of lying to a judge under oath to attend Paris Fashion Week instead of preparing for her upcoming trial over a legal dispute surrounding her album cover.

Last December, Cardi was sued by model Kevin Brophy Jr. over the use of his tattoo’s likeness on the cover of her 2016 mixtape Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 1, which features a man with a very distinct back tattoo performing cunnilingus on the rapper. 

Brophy, whose back tattoo of a tiger fighting a snake is clearly depicted in the cover art, alleges he never posed for the photo or allowed her to use his image in such a manner. As such, he claims Cardi misappropriated his likeness in “a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual way” in order to launch her caree​​​​​​r.

Brophy and his lawyers are now accusing Cardi, who last month claimed in sworn court papers that she couldn’t make a court appearance because she couldn’t travel after giving birth to her second daughter, of lying to the judge just so she could go to Paris instead of preparing for their upcoming trial.