Cardi B has corrected the dubious claims spreading in connection with a recent NYC-area video shoot, clips from which had some narrative-pushing speculators linking it to a recent Nicki Minaj production.

In an Instagram-shared update on Wednesday, Cardi—fresh off word that she and Offset will appear on Baby Shark’s Big Show—responded to such speculation in a short video and shared screenshots of text exchanges showing the Kay Flock collaboration at the center of the shoot was in the works for some time.

“I be trying to be nice and I be trying to keep peaceful but y’all not gonna keep fuckin’ playin’ me,” Cardi said toward the beginning of the clip, as seen below. From there, she scrolled through texts (including an exchange from February that included a work-in-progress being sent to her from Kay’s manager) and explained that her recent work-related travels resulted in the collab video (see above) being shot on the day in question. 

“So I don’t understand why y’all be trying to make it seem like, what? And second of all, don’t even try to motherfuckin’ play me. … I’ve always been doing videos like this,” Cardi said.

In short, some online had started to claim that the shoot—which featured Dougie B—had intentionally coincided with word of Minaj having also recently shot a video in NYC. In the comments of a Shade Room reshare, Cardi questioned why she also gets criticism from some in connection with simply speaking out to “kill the confusion” surrounding issues of this nature.

“Why y’all be dragging me and makin narratives bout BARDI then when I kill the confusion is bad too?” she said. “Y’all gotta let me know what y’all want cause Deum ya hard too pleaseee.”

Image via Instagram

Dougie B later shared Cardi’s initial IG post, adding “YKTF my heart.”

Image via Instagram/@dougieb___

Clips and photos from the Cardi-featuring shoot show the Invasion of Privacy artist rocking a red bandana-inspired hairstyle. The video is expected to feature a remix of Kay Flock’s track “Shake That,” which was originally released in January. In December, a lawyer for Flock was reported to have confirmed that the 18-year-old artist had been arrested in connection with a fatal NY shooting.