Unfortunately, Cardi B’s history-making feat has put her in a position where she has to defend her success. 

On Monday, Cardi took to Instagram where she fired back at critics claiming that “Up” hit the top of the Billboard 200 chart due to radio-play payola.

“They love to run with that ‘Payola’ to make them feel better,” Cardi captioned a clip of the “Up” music video. “Mind you, I didn’t [debut] number 1 because of my low radio play and WAP barely made radio cause it was so explicit yet still made number 1”

She then shared an image that shows the airplay for songs on the Billboard charts. Unlike tracks like “Driver’s License” and “What You Know Bout Love” that get over 50% of its exposure from the radio, Cardi’s “UP” only gets 24% of airplay. As a result, Cardi thinks critics should look at her fans when trying to figure out why “Up” was successful. 

“It’s sad that when I win people gotta scramble with lies for my success .Like they ain’t saw everybody, people coming out Amazon trucks and ambulances dancing my shit,” Bardi said before claiming that she’ll address all the rumors surrounding her career on her upcoming sophomore outing. 

“WHEN YOU START WINNING THE STORIES START SPINNING,” she continued. “Imma adress all the hate on my album tho wait on it !!!”