UPDATED 3/4, 11:05 a.m. PT: Boosie once again addressed his back and forth with YoungBoy Never Broke Again while on Instagram Live and said that the Colors rapper “pissed” him off. He also said that he has nothing more to add after addressing the situation on his “I Don’t Call Phones I Call Shots” track.

“He said what he said, I said what I said. I don’t want to pop his top,” Boosie said. “Real shit. I don’t want to pop his top. He said what he said, I said what I said. I ain’t speaking no more on it. He pissed me off though. N***a hurt my feelings.”

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s diss track “I Hate YoungBoy” continues to send ripples across the rap world, with Boosie Badazz now seemingly responding to his name being mentioned in the song.

On the Southern rapper’s new song “I Don’t Call Phones I Call Shots” off the deluxe version of his latest album Heartfelt, Boosie appears to be calling out YoungBoy for the reference at the end of a diss track when YB could have just called Badazz.

“First and last time speaking on this,” Boosie raps. “If you felt that way, why you ain’t call me on my phone number?/Bitch you know you wrong, clearin’ all these n***as songs/Don’t go clear a n***a’s song, but fake it like you a n***a dog/That’s that fake shit/Don’t speak on me no more lil’ n***a, you know I don’t go for that/Let’s keep it real dog, you was a ho for that.”

Boosie and YoungBoy aren’t strangers to each other either. They made an entire collab mixtape together called Southern Smoke back in 2019. “I Hate YoungBoy” was primarily directed at Lil Durk as the feud between the two grows more volatile, but several other artists and entertainers caught strays toward the end of YB’s song, like Boosie, YouTube streamers, Apple, Chinese Kitty, and more.

“Feel like Boosie don’t even like me, bitch, don’t call my phone, fuck you,” YoungBoy rapped, presumably prompting Boosie to drop “I Don’t Call Phones I Call Shots,” centered around substituting healthy communication for violence.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has yet to respond to the new diss track.

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