Finally, after nearly seven years, Bobby Shmurda has been reunited with his New York Knicks hat. Well, sort of.

On Monday, Shmurda hopped on Instagram Live with his friends to show off what is likely a facsimile of his infamous grey Knicks hat from the “Hot Ni**a” video. While we can’t say for sure if the hat is the exact one from the video, Shmurda and his crew were having fun nonetheless.

“They don’t wanna see that! The f*king hat is back,” someone exclaimed from behind the camera, as Shmurda repeated “They know where we from,” throughout the video.

The 2014 video for “Hot Ni**a,” was an instant sensation, after Bobby and GS9 introduced the world to the Shmurda Dance. Both the dance and a scene where Bobby throws his Knicks hat in the air only for it to disappear, became viral sensations

Shmurda found his hat (or a variation of it) before heading to the Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks game at the Barclays Center with Rowdy Rebel.

After the two Brooklyn natives watched the Nets win the battle of New York by a score of 117-112, Nets superstar James Harden gifted Shmurda a signed, game-worn jersey.