Fans were beside themselves when clips surfaced of Bobby Shmurda appearing to be affectionate and intimate with a woman. This prompted Shmurda to take to Instagram Live where he set the record straight.

“It was not me!!” Bobby said to his followers. “That is the homeboy’s joint, bro.”

On Tuesday, a TikTok emerged of an unnamed woman hanging out with Bobby and his team. In the TikTok, she had several clips of her hanging out with Bobby and GS9 as well as a shot in which she referred to a hooded man as “Papa.”

Because of the several clips of Bobby, fans assumed the hooded man was Shmurda. In true internet fashion, they quickly found a way to troll her. 

After clearing his name, Bobby quickly came to the woman’s defense. He urged his fans to be more mature and not attack the woman for no real reason. 

“That shit ain’t cool, bruh,” Bobby said. “I’m trying to stay as a nice guy. I’m on parole. But, y’all want me to wild the f**k out. … Y’all got to be careful with what y’all saying to people. … Shaming the girl and all that. Even though she did some corny shit, sometimes that’s what people do. You let that shit slide. You let it ride and keep going.”