Blueface has just dropped his new, very social media-friendly song “TikTok,” along with visuals to go along with the track.

As the song’s name suggests, Blueface appears to try and engineer his own TikTok dance with this new song. Directed by FakeDell, the music video for the track acts as a step-by-step guide to the dance that Blueface likely hopes will become a new trend on the viral social media app. And just in case he thinks listeners might forget the steps, he repeats them several times in the hook. It isn’t new territory for artists to try and manufacture TikTok dances and trends that are often better created naturally, Drake’s “Toosie Slide” is one of the most notable examples.

Not only does Blueface hope to make a viral trend with ‘TikTok,” but the song also looks like a troll towards TikTok comedian Kane Trujillo whom the rapper is scheduled to box on July 23.

While we’re not completely sure why Blueface is getting in the ring with a TikTok comedian in the first place, via social media, it looks like he’s been training for it. With boxing becoming a new trend that influencers have become heavily a part of, Blueface vs. Kane Trujillo doesn’t even sound that weird anymore.

While we wait for their bout, watch the visuals for Blueface’s new song “TikTok” up top.