It’s hard to keep up with new tracks every week. With a bevy of songs being released every day, we made a list highlighting new tracks from Canadian artists.

Harrison f/MED & Guilty Simpson, “Bump”

Harrison enlists MED and Guilty Simpson, whose verses walk the line between optimistic and cynical, despite rapping over the Toronto producer’s lightweight, jazzy beat.

Charmaine f/Paris Richards, “Jeez (Remix)”

Paris Richards hops on the Jeez remix, adding her own bombastic flare to an already explosive track, even throwing in a Lizzie McGuire reference in her verse.

Lost, “Pont Champlain”

Montreal’s Lost is in album mode, releasing the guitar-led banger “Pont Champlain” ahead of his newest project Héritage, dropping in April.

Mike Shabb & Nicholas Craven, “Respectfully”

Continuing their streak of moody, sample-driven tracks, Montreal’s Mike Shabb and Nicholas Craven inch closer to the release of their long-awaited collaborative album with “Respectfully,” which sees Shabb nonchalantly flexing his rapping prowess.

Tei Shi, “Mona Lisa”

On the gentle “Mona Lisa,” Colombian-Canadian singer Tei Shi refuses to spare her ex as she tenderly throws insults his way, both directly and passively.

Mauvey, “I Dare You To Break”

The Vancouver artist’s dancefloor-ready “I Dare You To Break” features a sticky hook with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Wilhelm scream, bouncy production, and audacious lyrics.

J. Hutton, “Freak”

The title track of Toronto artist J. Hutton’s Freak EP is a sensual saxophone-led romp with slick vocals and jazzy musical backdrops.

Tawahum f/HK, “Lateral”

The Vancouver Łutselkʼe Dene, Plains Cree, Métis artist has a new album Bottled Lightning coming May 5. It’s about the artist’s protest against the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which resulted in their arrest and trial.