How did “Wait for U” with Drake and Tems come together? 
I made the beat for “Wait for U” so long ago. That’s the crazy part. I made it about a year ago. I just knew it was a vibe. I was like, “This is hard,” and I knew I was going to give it to Future. Then he skipped it. But we were talking the other day when we were at Drake’s house, and he said he skipped it because he knew it was one of his favorites. He said he listened to that beat every day for a month straight, without rapping or nothing. He was just listening to the beat like it was a song for a month straight, and he knew what he was going to do to it.

Were you in the studio when Future finally laid the vocals down? 
Nah, I didn’t even know he did it. A long time went by like, six or seven months. So I was like, let me try the beat with another artist, since he ain’t like it. Then he called me and said, “Hey, don’t ever get this beat out to nobody else. I got a crazy song on it.” 

“Most of the industry’s waves come from Future. Like, how everybody does their hi-hats, the way the beat sounds, it comes from Future.”

How did “For A Nut” come together? 
We was all in the studio chilling. Shit, I just loaded up the beat and they just did it. 

How has Future changed as an artist from High Off Life to I Never Liked You?
Man, he is more motivated, seeing what’s going on in the world with music and how he can sound different while still keeping his sound. As a lot of people know, most of the industry’s waves come from Future. Like, how everybody does their hi-hats, the way the beat sounds, it comes from Future. So it’s like, how can Future separate himself from that, while staying in his lane that he created at the same time? So it’s just him figuring out that process of elevating himself, because he knows once he does it, it’s going to be mopped again. Which is not no shade to anybody’s music. It’s called motivation. People get motivated from the new stuff that he drops.

Some people have been critical of Future’s lack of growth, saying he focuses on the toxic persona too much. What are your thoughts?
This album is definitely a balanced album. It’s not too much of anything. It’s just right.

Were there any songs that you produced that you were hoping would make this album, but they didn’t?
Yes, and there’s some crazy ones. We got a number of songs I wish was on here, and they are crazy.

Why do you think they didn’t make it this time?
Because they’re going to make the next one.

So, Future’s already working on the next album? 
You just got to find out when we drop.

How many songs do you and Future still have left in the vault?
Almost a thousand.