Vancouver-based hardstyle hip-hop artist Angst has returned with “2 Late,” the lead track from his upcoming sophomore album Loser 2.

The album will be the sequel to his debut project Loser, an emotional nine-track EP that took the artist two years to create. 

“2 Late” displays Angst’s hip-hop style combined with a variety of pop and experimental elements. Produced by Redpriest, some Euro influences—from hardstyle to trance—also helped inform the track’s sound. Much of Angst’s music has been created through collaborations with various producers and artists from the Netherlands and the UK. 

“‘2 Late’” is the song that glues Loser 2 entirely together,” Angst tells Complex. He notes that if the album was condensed into one song, “2 Late” would be it. The single inspired the singer-songwriter to create new songs and ideas for his album.

Redpriest, the producer, sent me this beat after I finished the first version of Loser 2but the song felt so real and genuine that I ended up re-sequencing the whole album just to fit it in,” he said.

A music video, shot and produced by Angst with editing assistance from Cam Buchanan and Adam Nickel, has dropped alongside the single. Visuals display nature flashing on screen in spiraling effects, contrasting the still motion shots of Vancouver that are seen in-between scenes. Angst appears in the video posing against a backdrop, filtered with hues of red and distorted, thermal camera-like effects.

Loser 2, due for release this March, will explore relationships, promises, and friendships affected by the singer’s decisions, addictions, and selfishness.

“It will give a deeper understanding as to what my brain is like and what it feels to maintain relationships and connections despite being diagnosed with depression, ADHD, BPD,” says Angst.

Watch the music video for “2 Late” above.