Almighty Jay and Skinnyfromthe9 have been trading shots ever since Jay allegedly stole $80,000 worth of items from the latter in 2019. Last month the friction between the two rappers flared up once again, with Skinny saying Jay wasn’t down for the chance to square up in a boxing match. While they haven’t organized a boxing match, the two did link up this week for a bare knuckle fight.

In a post on both his Twitter and Instagram, Jay shared a video of the fight. The fight comes just over a month after Almighty Jay said he wants to have a boxing match with YBN founder YBN Nahmir.

“N***as be on the internet with all that tough ass shit till they gotta see me in person,” wrote Jay on Twitter alongside the video. “@skinnyfromthe9 dropped him twice. NO JUMPING NO NONE OF THAT.”

Shortly after sharing the clip, Jay quote-tweeted a response from a Skinnyfromthe9 fan calling Jay a “pussy” who is scared to fight him. “Knock his ass out bruh,” they wrote.

“This didn’t age well,” Jay added alongside a laughing emoji.