Almighty Jay Wants to Box YBN Nahmir: 'I Hope He Keep The Same Energy When We Get in the Ring'

In a YouTube video posted this week, Almighty Jay explained that he and YBN Nahmir have been at odds for over two years due to a dispute about money.

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The YBN foundation is crumbling before our eyes. 

This week, Almighty Jay revealed that he’s looking to have a boxing match with YBN founder, YBN Nahmir. In a YouTube video, Jay explained that he and Nahmir have been at odds for over two years due to a dispute about money.

According to Jay, YBN Nahmir and his friends were with Almighty Jay and his team when they got into an altercation that required them to pool together their money. Because Nahmir didn’t want to pay the cost in full, Jay was forced to foot the bill. Nahmir is seemingly twisting this to say that Jay is the one who actually owes him money, sparking their differences.

“Nigga, I don’t owe you nothing,” Jay said around the vlog’s five-minute mark. “You never gave me nothing and I never borrowed nothing from you.” 

After years of trying to save face in the public, Jay seems ready to make their differences known. The two have been sending shots at each other on social media leading Jay to officially claim that they will bet stepping in the ring soon.

“I HOPE HE KEEP THE SAME ENERGY WHEN WE GET IN THE RING,” Jay captioned a video of Nahmir claiming that he’s a better fighter than his former YBN member. “HE BETTER TAKE THE FIGHT HE NEED IT… THAT ALBUM WENT DOUBLE CARDBOARD.”

Watch Jay’s full explanation of his beef with YBN Nahmir above.  

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