Afroman is accusing the Adams County Sheriff’s Office of stealing several hundred dollars from him during a police raid earlier this year. 

The “Because I Got High” artist discussed his situation with TMZ, claiming he went to the sheriff’s office to retrieve the money seized from his home, only to discover the count came up $400 short. According to WXIX, authorities conducted a raid of his Ohio home in August as part of a warrant on suspicion of drug trafficking and kidnapping. The station reported the 48-year-old was in Chicago when the raid occurred. 

Authorities confiscated $5,031 in cash on the suspicion that the money was tied to the drug trafficking allegation. Afroman suspects the $400 was either stolen while it was being held by the sheriff’s office, or swiped from his home.

“They might’ve took it from my house after they disconnected my cameras and tampered with evidence,” he told TMZ. 

According to WXIX, Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers announced on Wednesday that he has asked the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to investigate the matter. 

When TMZ asked if he planned on filing a lawsuit over the alleged missing cash, Afroman was more upset about the allegations. 

“I took a financial loss when they put kidnapping on the search warrant,” he explained. “I’m not a kidnapper. But when people hear those types of words, they overreact to the point where it affected me financially. I had to make phone calls and go on tour in another country because people started backing out at the last minute because the sheriff put kidnapping on the warrant.” 

No charges were filed against Afroman. He posted footage of the raid on Instagram: