The Chicago rap duo Abstract Mindstate, comprised of E.P Da Hellcat and Olskool Ice-Gre, have reunited for a new album that stands as the inaugural YZY SND release.

The new album, titled Dreams Still Inspire, will be out next month and was notably produced in full by Kanye West. As fans will note, West previously shouted out Abstract Mindstate when he publicly shared a YZY SND roster proposal last summer:

In fact, it was West himself who called Olskool in 2018 and said he wanted Abstract Mindstate back together for an album to be released by YZY SND. The underground duo, of course, previously built atop West-produced beats back in the early 00s. 

West is featured on the new album alongside Luka Sabbat, Tony Williams, Deon Cole, and Jonquia Rose. The full tracklist, as seen below, was pulled from 25 songs that were recorded over a period of three years. As stated in a press release on Wednesday, E.P Da Hellcat and Olskool Ice-Gre feel this is the album they were “born to make.”

Image via Mike Quain

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. “Salutations (Intro)” ft. Jonquia Rose
  2. “I Feel Good”
  3. “A Wise Tale”
  4. “YZY SND (Skit)” ft. Luka Sabbat
  5. “Elevation”
  6. “Move Yo Body” ft. Tony Williams
  7. “Social Media”
  8. “Lambo Truck Podcast (Skit)” ft. Luka Sabbat
  9. “Expository Mode”
  10. “My Reality”
  11. “Sound Off The Alarm”
  12. “Voice Mail (interlude)” ft. Deon Cole
  13. “The Brenda Song” ft. Kanye West
  14. “I Know You”

The first single, titled “A Wise Tale,” is out today. Stream below via Spotify and/or grab it on Apple Music, Tidal, etc. The full album is out Aug. 6 on YZY SND.

And below, catch the trailer for an upcoming documentary on the Chicago rap duo. Additional details on the release of the documentary, named after the duo’s 2001 project We Paid Let Us In!, will be made public soon.