Puff Daddy Says He Originally Sent Drake "0-100" To Ghostwrite It For Him

Puff talks his new album, the Drake fight, and much more.

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Puff Daddy went on a little press tour recently, and one of the stops included a new interview on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne and company. While he talked about his new music with Pharrell, and how he doesn't know if the new album is going to be called No Way Out 2 yet, he also discussed ongoing Vodka wars with 50 Cent, his altercation with Drake at Club LIV, and much more.

The interview actually started off with a production member of The Breakfast Club trying to hide a case of Effen Vodka from Puffy that 50 had sent to the studio with a note that said, "Let's be friends - Curtis Jackson." Of course, this is a play on when Drake sent bottles of champagne to Charlamagne after he rapped about it in "Back to Back" during the feud with Meek Mill. If you remember, Puffy had sent 50 a lifetime supply of Ciroc a few months back for his birthday

On the subject of Drake, Puffy attempted to clear up everything about their alleged altercation over the "0-100" beat. "I did not put hands on Drake. And I don’t want any problems with Drake. Drake is, right now, that’s all I have to say. He’s putting in his work. Drake is my friend," Puffy said. He also revealed that he originally sent the song to Drake to ghostwrite for him, but Drake ended up keeping it for himself.

Of course, the subject of ghostwriting is very hot right now with the Drake and Meek situation, but Puffy said that he's always been open to just making the best record possible, and however he can. "I want the best record, if someone can go out there and write a better record than me, I'm the one that has to go out there and pull it off," Puffy said. As far as the Drake and Meek situation went, Puffy said that he was watching it play out and listening to all of the songs like everyone else was. "This is not beef and that’s the beauty about it, this is about skills. It’s helpful to the game because it makes people think more about what they’re writing," Puffy said. 

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