Metro Boomin Announces "Young Metro Don't Trust Trump" Concert and Talks Upcoming Election

Metro Boomin is bringing a "Young Metro Don't Trust Trump" concert to New York City four days before the presidential election.

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With the election less than two months away, super-producer Metro Boomin is ready to speak out against Donald Trump while also encouraging the youth to get out and vote. For his part, Metro has announced a special "Young Metro Don't Trust Trump" concert at the Playstation Theater in New York City on Nov. 4, which is just four days before the election.

"With the election coming, I think it's time to speak out, and not like speak out by getting extra political with this shit, but let people know," Metro told Complex. "So letting y'all know I don't trust him, you don't trust him and go ahead and celebrate that. And also, people love coming to concerts and coming together, though at the same time it's not all about that, but sharing the message and the same view. With it so close to the election, I thought, let's have this concert and celebrate this and all agree that we can't have this guy as our President." 

Metro hopes the concert will lead to more artists from his age group speaking out about the election, and Trump in particular. "It's about setting trends, and I'm always about setting trends and I know I can be an influence and I'm just now realizing that," Metro said. "Let niggas know it's cool, you can still be cool, and you don't have to be scared to speak up about political issues. The kids don't really know that." 

To help make the night mean even more, Metro is donating all of the profits from the concert to help set up a yearly scholarship fund that will send a high school student from the St. Louis area to Morehouse, which is the same path Metro took when he was younger. "I feel like that's important because even though I dropped out of college and was pretty vocal about it, I don't want people to think I'm on some anti-college shit. Ain't nothing wrong with college, but I just feel like everyone's paths are different," Metro explained. "I still want to go back and get my degree and back then I took it for granted, but I know there are so many kids that would kill for that opportunity. So now, to be in the position I'm in, I want to send one young kid from St. Louis to Morehouse and keep paying for that." 

With Metro becoming more and more vocal about the upcoming election, he says he wouldn't have much to say to Trump, but would like to ask him why he says and does what he does. "You're supposed to represent our country," he said. "You can't have somebody like that who's talking about walls and shipping people out and whatever his views are. You can't have someone represent our country saying stuff like that."

Metro is the first to admit he doesn't know everything about politics and the exact policies, but he knows enough to know he can't trust Donald Trump. Tickets will go on sale for the "Young Metro Don't Trust Trump" concert on Friday at 10:00 am EST. Fans can access an early pre-sale by signing up here before midnight tonight. 

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