Jas Prince Is Still Suing Birdman and Cash Money Over Drake's Royalties

There were reports that the two sides settled last month.

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Last month, reports surfaced that Jas Prince and Birdman had settled their lawsuit over Drake's royalties for an undisclosed amount of money. Today, TMZ is reporting that no settlement between the sides was reached, and that Prince is still suing Birdman and Cash Money over money he's reportedly owed. Prince, who originally introduced Drake to Cash Money, sued the label for $11 million back in February

The report states that Prince recently dismissed his original lawsuit against Cash Money in Florida, but only so he could file a new one in New York. It's unclear why the settlement talks from last month fell through, but they're reportedly now off the table completely. Drake has remained quiet through this entire process, but it's worth noting that he was hanging out with Prince on a private jet before his birthday weekend in Las Vegas last month. Birdman has yet to comment on this latest development, but we'll continue to update when more details are available. 

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