Birdman and Cash Money Records' legal troubles continue to build up, as now it's being reported that Jas Prince is suing the label for not receiving money that he feels he is owed. Prince, who is credited for discovering Drake and introducing him to the label, claims that he has only received around $2 million from the label, even though he was reportedly promised a much larger sum. According to the documents in the case, Drizzy has generated as much as $40 million in profits for the label during his career.

Back in 2012, Prince filed suit against Young Money and specifically Cortez Bryant for not receiving what he believed he earned for introducing Drake to the label. It's not clear if the $2 million Prince received since was due to that suit, but it's no secret that he is seeking much more. On a related front, Prince's father, James Prince, who is the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, recently took aim at Baby and Cash Money in a leaked diss song titled "Courtesy Call."

With Lil Wayne and Turk also filing lawsuits against the label in recent weeks, the situation continues to get messier and messier. We will update when more details are made available.

UPDATE 2/26/15: TMZ recently caught up with Jas Prince to get his thoughts on the pending lawsuit and just how much money he was seeking. Prince didn't go into full details, but did say that he wants what he is owed. Watch the clip below.