It Seems Like Drake Is Ready to Drop 'Views From the 6'

The 6ix God is always watching.

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"But just know it will be January in no time." That casual line from Drake's "30 for 30" freestyle seems to indicate that he is ready for his next act. "30 for 30" in itself was Drake's way of teasing that ensuing move—Views From the 6which by most accounts is the most important project of his career. The lone solo track on his What a Time to Be Alive project with Future wasn't just about taking more jabs at Meek Mill; it was more of a warning to the industry that he's warming up for something bigger.

Drake has been shy with details about Views since he announced the album back in 2014, but its release appears to be closer than ever. January is probably the best case for the album to drop, but you never really know with Drizzy. And whether or not Drake actually ends up dropping it early next year like that line suggests, it's obviously clear that he's locked in on the project.

The hints are out there. Pictures in the studio with 40, a billboard in the middle of Toronto with his "the 6 Gawd is always watching" motto, changing his Instagram bio to "Views." Drake is trying to tell you to be ready. The mysterious lyrics have returned to posts. The rumblings about possible release dates are here. It's getting cold outside. The time is near. One question remains: Is Drake ready?

The rap world is still waiting for Drake to drop an undisputed classic, and that was before Meek Mill accused of him of using Quentin Miller as a ghostwriter. Take Care is probably considered by many to be Drake's best album—and to some a classic—but it's disputed by those who are not his diehard fans. The pressure for Views is through the roof, and whether it was intentional or not, dropping two projects this year that weren't Views only added to it.

Most of this pressure has nothing to do with Drake's continued success, either. His popularity is so high right now that even with the ghostwriting allegations he was still able to come out with the win. If You're Reading This It's Too Late wasn't as universally accepted as other Drake projects, but it still went platinum.

The Drake phenomenon isn't going away anytime soon, and Views will be the biggest moment of his career. Whether it's a make or break moment for his legacy remains to be seen, but as we already know, the 6ix Gawd is watching. He knows the pressure he's facing with this album. "Being humble don't work as well as being aware," he rapped on "0-100/the Catch Up." Drake is living that line with Views. The rap world—for maybe the first time—is trying to turn him into a villain, a role he has embraced, where even his diss songs turn into hits. 

Drake is locked in on Views From the 6. He knows the stakes of the situation. How this story ends is a mystery, but just know, the 6ix Gawd is always watching. And right now, we're all watching him too. 

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