GoldLink and Rick Rubin Are Working Together On a New Project

Rubin praised GoldLink for his mix of hip-hop and the electronic DJ culture.

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Earlier this year, GoldLink revealed in an interview with Pigeons & Planes that he recently met Rick Rubin and hoped to work with him in the future. “Meeting Rick Rubin… It’s hard for an experience to feel anything besides surreal when you walk in to the room where Yeezus was engineered, with the man who executive produced it. When it boils down to it, Rick is a fan of forward thinking music, and for him to be in to my music so early is just an honor. Hopefully we get to work," GoldLink said during the interview.

And now, just a month later, GoldLink's wish has come true. As part of VSCO's new feature on the DMV artist and Rubin, they announced that they're working together on new music, though they didn't expand on those details. Rubin did speak highly of GoldLink though, and praised his ability to mix different styles of music together in a refreshing way. “GoldLink connects progressive rap styles with cutting edge dance music,” Rubin says. “He bridges the electronic DJ culture with hip hop in a way we haven’t heard before." Read the full feature here, and learn more about who GoldLink is here.

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