"Jeopardy" Dedicated an Entire Category to Beyoncé Last Night

This surely pleased the "BeyHive."

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Who said knowing countless facts about Beyoncé would never come in handy? Last night, Queen Bey was the highlight of Jeopardy, having an entire category dedicated to her greatness and the different points of her famed career. Questions during the show ranged from, "What group was Beyoncé in before going solo," and, "What Beyoncé video did Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg parody during an episode of Saturday Night Live."

For the normal Bey stan, these questions are a walk in the park, but for a nerdy Jeopardy contestant? Well, they were a walk in the park, as you can see from the clip above, the questions were answered with ease. Guess everyone is really apart of the "Hive." In your other bit of Beyoncé news for the day, the "Platinum Edition" of her self-titled album is now available for pre-order on iTunes here.


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