Beyoncé's Fans Are Really Pissed About Her 'Good Morning America' Announcement

Like really, really pissed.

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After teasing a big announcement from Beyoncé during the NBA Finals last night, Good Morning America just aired a new clip from Bey where she talked about her vegan lifestyle, rather than some earth shattering news like we all expected. Speculation was swirling that the big news was going to be an album, tour, or even an addition to the Carter family, and when that turned out to be wrong, her fans took to Twitter to display their anger for the situation.


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As with anything to do with Beyoncé, her fans are super passionate, but unfortunately for her this time, they just weren't very happy. To make things even worse for the "Bey Hive," this was billed as the first time Bey has talked about the diet, even though she released a statement about it in detail back in February. So yeah, check out some of the tweets below and soak in the anger of the "Bey Hive."


Beyonce play too much. Lmao

— God's Princess (@lulujenifa) June 8, 2015



— 𝔰𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔶 (@HoldYuhOnika) June 8, 2015


@GMA @Beyonce *blocked and reported*

— . (@izontknowher) June 8, 2015


Can’t believe I woke up so early to watch @Beyonce talk about food. Oh well…

— Luigi (@luigifromporto) June 8, 2015


Beyonce for real?? That's what you wanted? Smh

— KidJumper (@felicia_kid) June 8, 2015


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