50 Cent Is Suing His Former Lawyers for $75 Million

He said the firm did a terrible job repping him during his Sleek Audio deal.

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50 Cent's legal and financial issues just won't go away. Today, it's being reported that 50 is suing his former lawyers for $75 million because he says they gave him bad representation in the past. According to Business Insider, 50 submitted a legal complaint this morning against Garvey Schubert Barer, and claimed that the firm did a horrible job on his behalf while he was dealing with the fallout of his failed business venture with Sleek Audio headphones back in 2014.

From the start, the launch with Sleek never went according to plan, and 50 ended up forming his own company, SMS Audio, to push his signature headphones to the market. Eventually, this led Sleek to file an arbitration against 50 that resulted in him owing the company close to $17 million. In 50's new lawsuit, he claims that Garvey Schubert Barer assured him that he wouldn't be infringing on any copyright property by launching his own company, but that they ended up being wrong and he was left responsible to pay back the money to Sleek.

This current lawsuit all ties back to 50 Cent's ongoing bankruptcy case, which was done in part because he was having trouble paying back his debts from the Sleek Audio case. On top of that, 50 lost his legal battle with Rick Ross' child's mother over her leaked sex tape, which was also a major contributing factor to him filing for bankruptcy. We'll continue to update with details of this story as more information becomes available. 

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