As 50 Cent continues to go through the proceedings of filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, his legal team recently turned over 56 pages of financial information that paint a clearer picture of 50's situation. The documents include financial details for his total amount of assets, debts, complete monthly expenses, his mansion, child support, and more.

In total, his current debts are standing at over $32 million, while his assets sit at just over $24 million. In a previous court appearance, 50 claimed that his flashy lifestyle was all fake, though the newly filed court documents shows that he owns over $500,000 in cars, and spends $108,000 a month in expenses. 50 also has to deal with his outstanding child support debt, which currently sits at $855,091 and is something that doesn't go away when you file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. As far as his business ventures go, 50's most valuable is in G-Unit Records, which is currently worth $2.7 million.

The full breakdown via Wall Street Journal can be found here