Yesterday, 50 Cent reportedly released a list of creditors that he owes money to after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this weekThe Wrap is reporting that 50 owes exactly $28,478,920.75, with most due to Sleek Audio, his former business partner.

Earlier this year, 50's net worth, according to Forbes, sat around $155 Million. Right now, he's also indebted to Lastonia Leviston, who sued him for releasing her sex tape, as well as Bentley Financial Services, credit card bills, and around $5200 to a Park Avenue stylist, according to Page Six.

In recently released court docs, his assets and debts were each listed in the range of $10 million to $50 million—which automatically puts him into Chapter 11 territory based on the monetary amounts. But again, like we explained earlier this week, that doesn't necessarily mean he's broke.

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