Uncovered Handwritten Letter From 2Pac Suggests He Was Going to Work With OutKast

The collaboration was set to be part of 'Pac's "One Nation" album.

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For whatever reason, a number of handwritten letters from 2Pac have been unearthed over the past few months, which gave a little bit of insight into the life of the fallen icon. The latest appears to be a personal letter from 'Pac to a friend, in which he discusses a collaboration featuring OutKast, Buckshot, Scarface, E-40, and Smif-n-Wessun that he referred to as "One Nation."

This album has been spoken of before and was planned by 2Pac as a project that would have bridged the gaps in hip-hop from the South, West, and East, but was ultimately never put into motion due to his death. Speculation about whether this letter, which you can read below, is real or not can be put to rest, as Questlove confirmed to Okayplayer that there is truth to the words in the letter, and that 'Pac had approached The Roots about working on the project in the mid-90s. This might truly be the most "What could have been" moment in hip-hop history.


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