Prosecutors Want DMX to Spend Five Years in Prison for Tax Evasion

DMX broke his parole when he failed a drug test.


Image via Getty/Streeter Lecka/BIG3


DMX could be going to prison for a long time.

TMZ reports that prosecutors are seeking the maximum sentence of five years for the rapper, after he violated the terms of his probation.

Back in November, DMX avoided 40 years in prison when he entered a guilty plea for one count of tax evasion, owning up to $1.7 million in tax fraud. But just two months later, X broke the terms of his parole when he failed a drug test

With DMX in trouble again, prosecutors are looking to “use this sentencing to send the message to this defendant and others that star power does not entitle someone to a free pass, and individuals cannot shirk the duty to pay their fair share of taxes," according to the Daily News. They've also claimed that DMX has been "on a one-man crime spree for the past 30 years." They're not entirely wrong. The rapper has had 29 convictions in the past 30 years.

A few weeks before X's drug fail, his one-year-old son was hospitalized with a 104-degree fever. His lawyer, Murray Richman, is arguing that he only took the drugs to cope with his son's illness. 

"They're seeking to make an example out of a person rather than punish the person for wrongdoing," said Richman in response to the prosecutor's statement.

DMX's sentencing is scheduled to happen next week.

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