Cardi B Shuts Down Rumor That She Ignored Make-A-Wish Foundation Kids at Grammys

Cardi B isn't here for people spreading lies about her, especially when it comes to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After Cardi B dripped in "finesse" with Bruno Mars on the Grammy Awards' stage, YouTuber Nate Garner accused her of ignoring Make-A-Wish Foundation kids who were there to meet with celebrities.

But Cardi was quick to set him straight in a now-deleted Instagram post caught by The Shade Room. In the post, Cardi said she was being "extremely" rushed because she was running late for the pre-check performance. She also noted that she did stop to take a photo with the kids. And of course, she wouldn't be her Bronx self without throwing a few shots. "IM NOT THAT INDUSTRY BITCH YOU WANNA TRY," she wrote. "I will violate you and in real life as well don't make me catch your ass again."

Although the post was deleted, Cardi posted another message that may be targeted towards Garner as well. "A hater do the most to get recognition by the person they HATE !" it reads.

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