50 Cent Says Jay Z's '4:44' Didn't Connect With the Kids, Compares Kanye West to Donald Trump

50 Cent doesn't hold back any punches on 'Conan.'

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50 Cent is not one to pull punches. And on the latest episode of Conan, he continued to not hold back when it comes to Jay Z's 4:44 and Donald Trump.

Back in July, Fifty called Jay's latest album, "golf course music." And it seems that he hasn't changed his mind on the project. "Hip-hop culture is connected to youth culture," said Fifty. "The maturity bled off into the material. You look and you go, 'It's cool for me in my car, I'm listening to it,' but the kids...I don't see them listening to it."


The Power star also added that it seemed like Jay was "talking down" to the kids and hilariously said it reminded him of Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although Fifty hasn't talked face-to-face with Jay about it, he took the opportunity of being on national television to address Jay Z, telling the camera, "That's how I feel Jay."


Fifty also took the time to talk about the orange man in the White House and ended up comparing him to Kanye West. In the past few years, Ye has compared himself to Steve Jobs, Picasso, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and, lest we forget, Jesus. Some have even called him delusional—the same word often used for Donald Trump.


But Fifty and the Conan team pointed out one difference: While Kanye is building his self-esteem, Trump just might be straight delusional. "I think this is a big part of building self-esteem," said Fifty of Kanye. "It's just built astronomically high. You see yourself as the greatest of everything." As for Trump, he's still tweeting about universities that don't exist.

Watch the Kanye West and Donald Trump exchange here.

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