We Have Drake's Mom to Thank for DJ Paul's "Talk Up" Production

"Talk Up," a very 'Scorpion' cut that isn't "Summer Games," features the Three 6 Mafia icon DJ Paul. According to Paul, we can thank Sandi Graham for that.

Finally, after days of harping, I have my chance to write an entire article about Scorpion high point "Summer Games."

Actually, no. Apologies. For now, we will discuss how DJ Paul landed on the Drake and JAY-Z collab "Talk Up." In an article published Friday that peculiarly makes no mention of Paul's Three 6 Mafia legacy, TMZattributed the connection to Drake's mother, Sandi Graham.

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"The funny part of how that happened is I ran into Drake's mom," Paul said of the pivotal moment, which happened as he was going for walk in his neighborhood. "Drake's mom is my neighbor. She told Drake, she was like, 'I met this really nice guy named DJ Paul.' And I've been knowing Drake forever, but out of sight, out of mind, he probably thought about it like 'Goddamn, Paul do have some hardass beats!'"

Again, I just want to note that the accompanying TMZarticle makes it sound like the Memphis icon is some sort of up-and-comer. He's, um, not. But I digress. Paul continued, noting the scary hours at which Drake hit him up. "He probably thought about it like, 'Damn, yeah, I should hit up Paul.' and he hit me up on Instagram at, like, 4 in the morning."

In other Scorpion news, the 25-track double album is (of course) expected to retain the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 for a second week in a row and I am hereby attributing that feat almost entirely to "Summer Games."

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