Tyler, the Creator Looks Back on Drake Getting Booed by Camp Flog Gnaw Fans

Tyler compared the booing to children peeing on someone's leg.

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On the season finale of Kerwin Frost Talks, the riveting and routinely stacked-with-quotables talk show event of the year, a certain incident involving a booed Drake is recounted.

Tyler, the Creator joined Kerwin for an hour-plus chat, which—around four minutes in—saw the Camp Flog Gnaw founder looking back on the festival moment brought on by fans' baseless assumptions of a surprise Frank Ocean set.

"Everyone thought Frank was gonna be there but I never said he was or implied it or anything," Tyler said. "Drake came out and a couple people were mad. Everyone's having a good time but there were a few people in the front who were just not fucking with it."

Tyler added that the only reason he was upset by all this was that he had personally invited Drake to the festival on the promise that the audience was one that welcomed anyone "with open arms" and no judgment.

"And then when that happened and these motherfuckers is like 'Fuck you!' . . . It's like a reflection on me to Aubrey," he said. "It's like coming to my house and then my kids start peeing on your leg and then you start looking at me like 'Dawg, get your fucking kids, bro!' But that's they fault that they thought what they thought."

Asked about their working relationship, Tyler noted they aren't exactly "buddy-buddy" but "it's love and respect" whenever they see each other.  Tyler also praised Drake's set list decisions for the Flog Gnaw set, which—as Geniuspoints out—echoes Tyler's initial post-show comments.

Up top, see the Tyler x Kerwin experience in full. It pairs nicely with the newly released IGOR sessions track "Best Interest" and also notably includes some comments from Tyler on his early impressions of ASAP Rocky.

"Our crews had beef, and then whatever," Tyler said of Rocky, now considered a close friend of his. "Honestly, me and Rocky didn't hate each other, but everyone around us hated each other."

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