Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s "FE!N" Inspires Fan’s Takis-Fueled Promposal

As it turns out, romance isn't dead after all.

Travis in a sleeveless top with tattoos, Carti in a dark jacket performing with a microphone
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Travis in a sleeveless top with tattoos, Carti in a dark jacket performing with a microphone

As we all trudge further along the road of life, it’s easy—expected, even—to lose faith in the very idea of romance. Hell, it’s even easier to reject the very thought of it outright as something as fantasy-aligned as, say, a man in the sky or a presidential candidate worth being excited about. But on occasion, you may encounter something that proves love is alive and well, a moment of untarnished beauty that goddamn near brings a tear or three to your eye.

I’m talking, of course, about the Travis Scott and Playboi Carti-inspired promposal you may or may not have seen making the rounds on social media in recent days.

"My girlfriend did a promposal with [Utopia]," Twitter user @JooshuahJ said late last month when sharing a photo of the promposal in question, which works La Flame and Carti's addictive "FE!N" collab into its central inquiry, like so:

I am a "FEIN" for prom. With you it would be my Utopia.

Scott himself ultimately caught word of the promposal, shouting out its creator as a "legend" in an Instagram Stories update over the weekend.

See more below, including the promposal's accompanying assortment of snacks ranging from Nerds candy to Takis, specifically the Fuego flavor in the coveted Fiesta Size packaging.

Collage of posters and artwork with dystopian themes, tagged with @travisXX
Travis Scott's Instagram story with a promposal and snacks

“FE!N” was a fixture and undeniable highlight on Scott’s recent run of tour dates in support of Utopia, his fourth studio album. In February, Scott brought the track to the 2024 edition of the Grammys alongside Carti. During the performance, Scott made a lyrical tweak referencing the Recording Academy having "slept on me 10 times."

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