Travis Scott on What's Next After 'Utopia' Success: 'I Gotta Kick a New Gear'

'Utopia' isn't even a year old yet but La Flame has recently been teasing the possibility of new music.

Travis Scott in a Korn tee
Image via Getty/Rich Polk/Fanatics
Travis Scott in a Korn tee

Travis Scott is on the precipice of kicking into “a new gear.”

These remarks, widely interpreted as a tease, of sorts, of what may be next for the Utopia artist musically, were delivered via a series of Instagram Stories updates on Tuesday. First, La Flame shared several video updates showing him listening to selections from his discography. Scott’s 2015 Rodeo cut “Nightcrawler,” for example, was seen soundtracking a watching of Pulp Fiction on mute.

Travis Scott shared an Instagram story featuring Pulp Fiction scene

"I love music so fucking much," Scott, who up until last month was on the road with his Teezo Touchdown-featuring Circus Maximus Tour, said in one update. In another, Scott pointed to that aforementioned “new gear” approach.

“And for the record. We will be backkkkkk,” he said on Tuesday. “I gottta kick a new gear since they think it’s play time.”

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Travis Scott's Instagram story update with text "I love music so f***ing much" on a black background
Travis Scott's social media post hinting at new music with text "We will backkkkkk"
Text post by Travis Scott on social media reads "Whole cactus gang Are snappers"

In January, Scott told fans he'd been recording "b4 every show" on the tour, though it remains to be seen whether those sessions will result in imminent new music. To be clear, Scott's Grammy-nominated Utopia hasn't even marked its one-year anniversary yet.

Speaking of the Grammys, some fans were quick to link Scott's "new gear" remarks to the annual awards ceremony, arguing that the "they" in his comments is the Recording Academy. As previously reported, Utopia did not take home Best Rap Album at this year's ceremony. Killer Mike's Michael was that evening's winner.

During Scott's Grammys medley, featuring a surprise appearance by Playboi Carti, he referenced his 10 total career nominations and losses by tucking a “They slept on me 10 times!” into a "FE!N” performance.

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