Toronto Rapper Redway Reportedly Killed in Car Crash

R.I.P. Redway, a rising talent in the Toronto scene.

Toronto's very own Redway has reportedly been killed in a car accident. According to CP24, three people were killed in the tragic crash when the vehicle lost control before crashing into a guardrail and bursting into flames near Pearson International Airport on Saturday. "At this point," Const. Kerry Schmidt tells CP24, "we are looking at every option. We don't have any indication [as to what caused the crash] from direct witnesses, so we are appealing to any witnesses that may have seen the vehicle prior to the collision to come forward and speak with police."

As news started to hit Twitter, a growing number of Redway's friends and fans started to share their memories — expressing the burden of such a sudden loss of talent:

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"I guess you can call me the rookie. If you look at me, I’m in the minor leagues. I’m not as successful as anyone in the majors, but I don’t compare myself to them. The only thing I listen to is myself and R&B. I don’t listen to other n****s because I don’t like to grab ideas accidentally. I don’t want to make something that sounds like someone else. I’d rather to listen to something a little more throwback, and grab and inspiration from that instead of the new shit. I’d rather re-create then fall into the cycle."

As shown in the documentary (see below) which accompanied last year's accomplishedYears Ahead, Redway was a voice of the underground swiftly on the rise. Years Ahead exhibited a confident voice nearing the next level of creative ability — with a sturdy foundation from producer WondaGurl.

In a 2014 interview with Noisey, Redway spoke candidly about his slow but steady rise to greater and greater heights within not only the Toronto musical landscape — but the industry at large:

R.I.P. Redway. 

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