Premiere: Watch Redway's "YKTO (You Know the Ones)" Video

Redway's "Years Ahead" album is out now.

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Toronto MC Redway is fed up with the fake shit, and is looking to put everyone on notice as he releases his new video for "YKTO (You Know the Ones)," which was featured on his recent album, Years Ahead. The concept of this video is simple—hate and Redway will call you out for suspect behavior, and he does so through a storyline that plays out with a typical Toronto day.

This isn't just a Toronto thing, though they use all TDot slang in the video, but something that everyone can relate to on almost a day-to-day basis. Mixed in with the song and video's message are stunning shots of the city from the eyes of an artist that is truly on the grind. Redway's album, which is entirely produced by Wondagurl, is currently available for purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed in full oh his personal soundcloud page.

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