T.I. 'Disheartened, Disappointed, and Disgusted' by Murder of Nipsey Hussle

T.I. speaks passionately about the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle in a new interview.

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T.I. believes envy played a part in the murder of Nipsey Hussle, who was fatally shot outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles this weekend. However, the always passionate Atlanta icon pointed out Monday, attributing it solely to that would be an oversimplification.

Asked by TMZ Monday how he was feeling following Hussle's death, T.I. cited a range of emotions with candor. "Despair, hopelessness," he said, as seen in the video above. "Just, I think I'm disheartened, disappointed, and disgusted that the very people that we all work so hard to try to liberate and uplift are the ones that ultimately in the end hope to see our demise."

As T.I. gives Hussle's tragic death more thought, he's simply hoping to find some greater clarity. "I think, right now, I'm just focusing on some kind of clarity and understanding and eventually, man, I know as the days continue to progress I'll find it," he said. From there, T.I. was asked about his recent social media posts regarding Hussle's death. Citing a "lack of education and opportunity," T.I. spoke on the issues he's seen personally at the community level when someone is operating on a higher "vibration" than their peers.

"Most of us who are subjected to the confinement of those communities, we operate and exist on such a very low vibration and we're very remedial in our thinking," T.I. said. "So when we see people who operate on a high vibration and who have a lot more fleshed out, detailed thoughts for whatever reason—because they're well-read or because they travel more or they've experienced more—it's either one or two things that's gon' happen."

Those two things, T.I. further explained, basically boil down to either support and inspiration or a sense of unsettledness. "I think people just hate, not that you're doing something, but the fact that they're doing nothing and you doing something reminds them too much that they're doing nothing," he said.

29-year-old Eric Holder has since been identified by the Los Angeles Police Department as a suspect in Hussle's shooting death. He was last seen getting into a white 2016 Chevy Cruze with California plates.


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